Two Steps

from by MaMan

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I’m trying to be real, I’m fading
I’m trying to be real, I’m failing
Getting hard to see the faces
I’m high I think I’ll be in a spaceship

I’m high now I fucked them notes
I alone just hit that bong
Don’t know why it took me long
Find these words to write this song
Captagon and gabica
With a white girl smelling like lavender
I’m lost in the pussy like scavenger
Can’t be in the open, I’m an animal

It’s logical when a bag of weed means tramadol
Shot to the Henessy means the toilet flow
Someone come and get me I’m feelin it all
I paid all my money honey, man I gotta keep hope

Honey, I can’t let it out
Honey, I paid all my money
Honey, I can’t let it out
Honey, I paid all my money

I paid all my money

Start of a mission I realise
Live in the kitchen, and track on the side
See a vision can’t reach for the sight
Parasite eat the back of my eye

Why you wanna hear me tell you all about my dark life?
Coming in the city you can never last the whole night
Everybody smoke it, feelin just alright
Paid the judge for a sixth month on my own time

In the city niggas looking for ending
Numb your bodies, all the niggas pretending
Smoking heavy as I’m looking for healing
Everytime time they judge me for no fucking reason
Evidently I can never image happy ending
Contemplating ever though so I never comprehend it

Honey, I can’t let it out
Honey, I paid all my money
Honey, I can’t let it out
Honey, I paid all my money

I wasted my life, I pooled my thoughts, I spilled my emotions. This is fucked. Someone please call on my man, take this away from me.

I took such. What I can’t name, I buried it deep inside my secrets. I kept remembering all these people that said they love us when they don’t. Do you remember standing strong as a man but if you take one more sip, you take two steps and you cash in all your receipts on your enemies. But who am I kidding man. You started this. You should start with the fuckin mirror man. Look at it. Clean it cos you can see fuckin clearer man. Why you gotta take so much? Plus you’re drinking with lust. I know your secrets, you’ll drown and your fuckin dirty.


from Eyes of a Gemini, released July 8, 2016
Written by Mahdi Norie aka MaMan(Gemini)
Recorded at Jinn Studios, UK and MPC Khartoum, Sudan.
Produced and mixed by Abraham Moughrabi for Jinn Records.
Mastered by Dave Meckin, London.



all rights reserved


MaMan Khartoum, Sudan

A new wave of Sudanese hip-hop is starts here. This is the real 249.

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